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7 Ways To Style and Organise Open Shelving

Written by hixton Living & Lifestyle


Posted on May 15 2019

Wall shelves used to be a place to store the clutter or filled with unread books or books that have been read and never to be read again. Now shelves have been given a new lease of life in the world of interior design, with Instagram, and Pinterest awash with shelfie pictures.

By revamping our shelves, we can create a new centrepiece statement in our home and at the same time clean our mind and soul with a really good de-clutter.  Shelving allows us to add character and our own personality to a room, a place to decorate with our favourite items that in the past have been bought and pushed to the back of the cupboard or placed in the spare room. 

With styled wall shelves now taking centre stage in our homes we have put together 7 of our favourite open shelf decorating ideas.  

Living Shelves

We love the idea of decorating shelves with our favourite pots and plants and we don't just mean one, but an abundance of them to create a real statement in the room. We love to mix up different size pots with modern ceramic designs and rustic terracotta stone pots.

Fill them with different plants to give height and depth to the display. Some small, some taller and some that cascade over the pots and shelves. Just move the pots around and add more or less until you get a display that you are happy with for the size and number of your shelves. We find a good tip is to arrange your shelf and then leave the room for a while and return and see how it looks. 

Not only will a shelf full of pots create a really pretty statement but will also create a green living space bringing tranquillity and wellbeing to your home.  


Kitchen Shelves 

Gone are the days of wall cabinets in the kitchen, the new interior trend on the block is open wall shelving. Open shelving can seem a little daunting to some as you think you need to empty the contents of your existing cluttered cupboards out onto shelves for everyone to see. 

This doesn't have to be the case if we also declutter our kitchen cupboards we will probably realise that half the items in them we probably don't really need or use. We like the idea of a multi-purpose shelf so filling different shaped glass jars with spices, colourful lentils, pasta or rice. You then have a functional but pretty storage shelf. 




Minimalist living

If you love the Scandinavian minimal look then a timeless marble shelf will fit just perfectly. A beautiful natural sone marble shelf will look chic and sophisticated in any room, be it bathroom, kitchen, living room or hallway.

With a clean marble shelf, we like to keep this shelf decorated with a clean minimal look  Just pop on your favourite vase, pot or plant for a simple minimalistic look, you don't want to clutter a shelf like this you want to show off the natural beauty of the marble.   



Natural Vibes 

We love the idea of filling our shelves with glass bottles and vases in varying shapes and sizes. It's not always practical to fill our vases with fresh flowers all the time and to keep them restocked, so we often have empty vases sat on shelves. Give your vases a multi-purpose and fill them with natural shells or pebbles or even fairy lights and the odd single stem. Simple, effective and very pretty.  




Keep It Simple 

Floating shelves can create a modern feel but can also work well as a shelf design for small spaces such as under the stairs, which also creates storage space and interest in an area that tends to be a waste of space. We like the idea of these shelves arranged in steps.  We love to keep these shelves simple with displaying our favourite glasses each style being given its own individual shelf. We like to dedicate each space to each glass and varying in size be it a tall wine glass or some small recycled tumblers. 



Recycled Shelves 

We love the industrial look and you can't beat this by adding recycled scaffolding shelves in the kitchen filled with a few simple pieces such as your favourite ceramics, pots, plants and just make sure you add the raw items clay, ceramics, rich cotton and cement pots. 




Here are our favourite shelves and items to pop on them.  


 Rustic Stone Pots 



 White Marble Shelf 



 Conical Wine Glasses 



 Recycled Glass Tumblers  



 Glass Jar Vase 


 Earth Grey Mug 





Recycled Scaffolding Shelves