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Black Interior Trend 2019

Written by hixton Living & Lifestyle


Posted on April 10 2019

Isn't it funny to think in the past, or should I say as far back as I can remember with regards to interior design the prospect of adding anything black, off black or dark blue, to our homes just wouldn't really have ever crossed our minds be it on walls or home accessories? 

Whereas now with the hot trends of Nordic Noir and Scandinavian living a design phenomenon that has been sweeping the nation for the past few years. Black is hot, off black or even dark blue seems to be an ever-evolving home interiors trend, which we just love here at Hixton.

We have all seen Monochrome has been a big design trend that has also been increasing in popularity over the years.  Dark painted walls have moved into our homes an alternative to the pale and neutral to dark and dramatic.  Which admittedly isn't always to everyone's taste, I always think it's quite a brave move to start painting rooms in rich dark hues.  Although, I think if you can be brave it can make a really elegant statement and a cosy vibe ready for that seasonal change into Autumn.

In Fact, we have just painted our pale grey living room in the popular Farrow and Ball colour, Hague Blue. I can see why it has been so hugely popular it's a lovely deep rich blue, in fact, I would say its navy, well that is how it looks on our walls.  It makes the living room look so elegant and creates the perfect backdrop for our oatmeal and pale grey sofas, whereas before our sofas looked quite washed out. I must confess it isn't quite finished as yet, we are still contemplating painting the skirting boards in the same colour or will that just be a step too far?

So currently, some skirts remain in original white and some are painted in Hague Blue, they have been like that for a week now as we try to decide, which way to go. The thing with paint I always try to remind myself is, that you can always re-paint if you really don't like it, it's not ideal, I know as it is of course time and money, but it's not like investing in a sofa and then deciding you don't like it. So, we are mulling it over to make the right choice. I'm just hoping we decide soon, or we could be creating our own interior trend - skirting boards in alternate colours throughout the room, I won't hold my breath on that trend to cotton on in 2019.

One of the trends we are starting to see for this Autumn 2018 is adding black accessories to any room, which we are super excited about showing that off-black can work anywhere, be it the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room.

The great thing about adding black accessories is it can work with dark rooms or lighter painted rooms giving the opportunity to add a splash of jet black wherever you feel more comfortable. 

Add a touch of luxury with this knitted off black  knitted blanket to your bed or armchair or add a black mesh ceiling pendant to create a cosy mood, in that quiet reading nook.

Black Mesh lampshades

 or simply add a handmade black  laundry basket to the corner of your bathroom.

Black Seagrass laundry baskets

We like to think of black accessories in our homes like our wardrobe containing our favourite fashion essentials, a little black dress or our staple black handbag, you just can't live without them, well we can't anyway.