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5 Ways To Get Flip Flop Ready

Written by hixton Living & Lifestyle


Posted on April 10 2019

I'm not sure about anyone else but last week I felt slightly panicked at the prospect of a heatwave. Not that I don't love glorious weather especially living by the sea. It’s just yet again the UK summer always arrives when you least expect it and with that comes a desperate panic at the thought of peeling my feet and legs out from under those thick black tights that they have been hauled up in all winter. 

Ironically, this year one of my 2019 goals was that I would ensure that my feet were always beach and sandal ready and of course yet again that got bumped to the bottom of my list and as usual the UK summer just appeared for a split second in March. 

Dare I say, luckily it was just a sneak preview of hopefully what is to come which means I still have time to make it my mission of getting beach feet ready before the summer is in full swing. So, with this little breathing space, I have been granted, I’m not taking another chance and getting them ready now.

So here are my five top tips on how to get beach feet ready this summer. 


  • Fill a large bowl with warm water
  • Add your favourite oil such as lavender oil or even add fresh herbs from the garden. I used some lovely leaves from our sage plant, just bash them a little to release the aroma. 
  • Pop your feet in and relax for 10 minutes with your favourite book or magazine
  • Remove your feet and pat dry.

Soak Feet


Now create a homemade scrub to remove dead skin and to invigorate your feet. I tend to use the following as it is easy and I generally have the contents in my kitchen cupboards.

1 Tablespoon of each of the following items : 

Brown Sugar
Baking Soda
Olive Oil

Mix all the ingredients together and there you have your very own homemade scrub. You can use this all over the body if you wish. Massage gently into your feet and legs for a few minutes and pop them back into your bowl of water and rinse off.  




Apply our nourishing Meraki foot cream and massage all over both feet. It’s so light and soothing it will leave your feet feeling soft and smooth.  This foot cream has been designed and developed in Denmark, inspired by the Scandinavian love of nature. This gentle luxury foot cream will soften those feet and make you want to show off your beach feet even before summer arrives.

 Meraki Foot Cream

 #TopTip  We also think it’s perfect for putting on before bed and letting your feet get nourished overnight giving them a lovely deep nourishment treatment. Massage into your feet and then pop on clean socks and relax. 


Trim and file your nails to your desired shape, push back those cuticles and remove any loose skin. 


Lastly, paint those beautiful nails in rich summer colour.  We either opt for the classic bright nail which we think is just a great seductive summer colour and quite honestly never goes out of fashion. Or if you prefer a little more feminine touch then we suggest the nude or pastel pinks, 

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that summer will be wonderful this year, we deserve it and we can show off our beautiful feet. It's funny how we always consider the daily details but always seem to forget our feet and hands - or is that just me?