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5 Ways to Bring Natural & Organic Elements into Your Interiors

Written by hixton Living & Lifestyle


Posted on April 30 2019

With the ever-growing need to create a world that is more sustainable the emphasis on living a more natural life has never been more poignant.  We are now seeing so much more focus on trying to make positive impactful environmental changes to our living and lifestyle, in order to adopt a more green way of life.

Even if it is only small steps that we may take maybe towards a more plant-based diet or bring more natural materials and natural decorative items into our interior home design, then that can only be a positive step forward.

It almost seems that the home, life, and style are now going hand in hand and where we can contribute to being kinder to the environment in all aspects of our lives then that is always going to be a good thing and what better place to start than in the home.

It’s of course not a revelation to be using natural materials and natural decorative items in the home, but with interior trends coming and going over the years, we tend to ship items in and out of our homes depending on tastes and interior trends of that moment in time. Over the decades we have tended to bring in a lot more of processed foods and furniture into the home environment and are now desperately trying to reverse that. 

So, it comes as no surprise that the emerging interior trend for 2019 is all about bringing natural materials and nature into our home and is no doubt a trend that will reshape interior design in the future. Here are our 5 top tips on how to incorporate natural materials into your home decoration and still stay on trend. If you love nature, it’s a great way to get closer to the earth, create a healthy rich home, in turn, creates a home that is good for you and your wellbeing.  

Love Wood.

It’s not by any means a revelation to be designing interiors with wood-based materials we have been doing it for centuries, but as trends come and go so does the use of wood in our homes. The one thing I love about wood for me is it is so versatile it can be painted, recycled, sanded back to move with time, bleached or dyed.

A wooden floor in the bedroom, kitchen or hallway can be stained in a light colour or sanded back to give a more Scandi feel or keep it darker for a more rustic feel.

We love nothing more than the look and feel of a piece of rustic furniture that is timeless and unique to you, so pick up that vintage wooden piece of furniture and use it as your focal point in your room, if you like the rustic boho vibe then stark whites mixed with rustic woods is definitely for you. Use recycled wood for shelves or furniture pieces.

If you choose the right pieces you can keep your home modern and up to date. You don’t need to clutter with wood just a few key pieces here and there and mix up with other natural materials.  Here is how we have bought wood into our kitchen keeping it fresh and modern.

Our favourite looks for embracing wood is painted wooden kitchen cabinets in Farrow and Ball railings, as this is a dark colour we have completed the look with soft rich walnut wooden worktops to keep the warmth in the room. An old wooden blacksmiths cabinet sits in the opposite end of the room and a recycled wood dining table we have kept it classic with a white marble tiled floor.

If you’re not quite at the point of doing a whole kitchen overhaul, then just add some simple natural elements such as rustic open recycled shelves with natural black iron brackets, this will be sure to keep your kitchen fresh and modern and open shelves are perfect for displaying all the pieces that you love but tend to keep hidden away in the cupboard never to be seen again.

At least with open shelves, you can enjoy your decorative items and of course, start to use them again. It will feel as if you have bought yourself a whole new collection of kitchenware. 



I love natural marble and stone as I mentioned the above design floor was tiled in white marble.  I just think it’s timeless classic that can bring uniqueness to a home, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway it never tends to look dated. With Natural marble and stone as you will probably be aware of is the great thing about it is two pieces are never the same. The stones tend to have different marks, some darker some lighter so can give a different look with each tile or slab.

Marble always reminds me of Mediterranean holidays too, and that reminds me, aren’t we all supposed to be living a lifestyle more Mediterranean? There has never been a better time to bring a little marble and stone into our lives, as it’s not just about the diet, it’s the lifestyle too.

If you don’t want to use stone or marble tiles then bring it in through touches of decorative elements, such as a marble chopping or serving boards sitting on the kitchen worktops in soft pale hues. Or add hooks made from natural iron to hang tea towels or natural bamboo lanterns from. We love to incorporate lots of stone and terracotta pots filled with our favourite plants or flowers and placed on a table, sideboard, or on the kitchen window sill and fill these with your favourite herbs.    

 White Marble Chopping Board 



Timeless White Marble Shelf 


It is so easy to add natural textures to the home not only is it the perfect finishing touch but it is always an easy way to update and change your look in a cost-effective way.  Be it linen bed covers; linen cushions or printed cotton cushions we think they all give that luxurious and natural feel to a home. Mix neutrals with delicate patterns to create a delicate clean look.  Or add printed patterned cushions to your garden seating area to give that real earthy feel and look great in a cosy nook in the garden too.

We love to use handwoven seagrass baskets perfect for laundry or fill them with fresh towels in the bathroom for your guests or equally they make the perfect place for storing all those nicks knacks. Add a handwoven rustic hemp basket to your living room and fill with wood for the fire or storage for all your cosy throws.  Adorn your bathroom with 100% organic natural cotton towels and rugs made from a combination of cotton and jute. Rugs give that soft feel to any room and add a touch of luxury to the bathroom floor.  Rattan and linen lampshades add a soft glow to your room.  




Textiles and Rugs 



Seagrass Storage Baskets 


Rattan Lampshade 



Add rustic stone terracotta pots for that Mediterranean feel or for a more Scandinavian minimalistic feel opt for smooth grey concrete pots to add in that natural element.  Pots are the perfect place to pop your favourite indoor plants or fill them with your favourite herbs or flowers.

The good old cliché of bringing the outdoors indoors is there for a reason and with the added benefits of indoor plants having lots of positive health benefits then it’s perfect for our wellbeing too.  Studies have shown that having plants in your home has many positive benefits, such as improving mood, can clean the air, help with healing and can also have benefits to help you work better. 


And finally fill your kitchen with beautiful ceramic clay kitchenware’s, perfect for everyday use and social gatherings too.  Gone are the days where all your crockery needs to match in colour and style.  So, be brave and mix and match with soft pale pastels of the Mediterranean.  We love an artisan collection of blush pink, earth green and fennel whites that have all been inspired by nature itself.

Subtle enough to blend into your home, yet special enough to make an impact. These timeless ceramics made by skilled artisan are so calming to hold with hand smoothed curves and unpainted bases give these clay ceramics a real relaxing feel of nature.

As ceramics are handcrafted each item is slightly different and not only are they not all the same but they have imperfections which we think gives them their charm. A cup of tea from one of these mugs will help yourself into the day. There is nothing more comforting than enjoying your favourite cup of coffee in your favourite ceramic clay mug with smooth lines and natural finishes.

We think a combination of ceramics displayed on your kitchen shelves really gives your kitchen a raw and more natural feel.   



Ceramic Clay Mugs