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5 Steps To Feel Good This Winter

Written by hixton Living & Lifestyle


Posted on November 14 2018

There is nothing more warming and relaxing than a hot bath on a winter's evening.  It's that time of year again when we need to look after our wellbeing as the days shorten and the nights draw in.

We have put together our 5 top tips of what we will be doing this winter to ensure we look after our wellbeing. 

1) Fill a hot bath with your favourite soak and settle down with a new book or magazine. We have just read the Comfort Food Cafe by Debbie Johnson which is just such a cute cosy and easy read. 

2) Light a candle in the bathroom while you relax, the room will fill with your favourite scent and the flicker of candle will create a tranquil spa feeling. We love the scent of the Meraki Scandinavian Garden.  


Meraki Scented Candle

We always forget in winter, (or should I say I do) that the harsh wind and cold complete with the central heating being on will ultimately dry out our skin, so our step 3 is to look after our hands and feet. 

3) Use a moisturising hand soap every time you wash your hands.  We love the gentle nourishing Meraki hand liquid soap which has a lovely light zesty scent. Follow with the Meraki light and nourishing hand cream in linen dew.


Gentle Liquid Hand Soap


We also apply the Meraki foot cream, as its so easy to forget about your feet when they are hauled up in boots and thick socks for most of the winter.  


Nourishing Foot Cream


#top tip apply the foot cream before bed and put on a pair of socks to lock all the goodness in overnight. 

If we nourish our hands and feet in winter we don't have the feeling of a mad panic when we move into spring and begin peeling our feet out from back from behind our gloves and boots. 

4) Look after your lips and keep them nourished, the cold and wind tends to dry them which means they can crack so easily, which is never good for your party red lipstick. We use the Meraki organic repair balm which is just so nourishing and keeps your lips soft and silky smooth. 

 Meraki Repair Balm


5) Snuggle down on the sofa with a sumptuous cosy throw. 

 Cosy Blanket