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The Joys Of Dry January

Written by miranda Davenport


Posted on April 10 2019

January wouldn't be January if we didn't mention, dry Jan, Detox, Sugar-free or something else along those lines that if we adopt we can all start living a healthier happier lifestyle, which of course is totally true. However, I have never considered taking part in a detox, sugar-free or dry January.

I have always thought what a month to try and do it, and secondly, I think aside from my alcohol intake I have always thought I lead a pretty good lifestyle I run 5K around 5 times a week, I cook everything we eat from scratch, very rarely do I have a takeaway. However, that all said my major pitfall is I do look forward to a glass of wine in the evening, not all evenings but lots of them.

So, the thought of January taking away my wine fix just makes me think can January get any bluer? and the prospect just fills me with dread and fear.

Whilst January is the month of my birthday and some say that should be fun, a time of celebration, it's not fun for a number of reasons, everyone is all spent out after Christmas, most people are participating in healthy eating, dry January or both and thirdly it means I'm another year older. I usually run away for a weekend break, which definitely makes it fun and gives me something to look forward to in January.

So all that said this year was the year I said to myself I'm going to get myself on the dry Jan bandwagon in 2019, Partly, I suppose for a healthier lifestyle, but predominantly to see if I could actually set myself the challenge and stick to it. I mean me not reaching for a glass of wine come Tuesday would be an achievement In itself.

Anyway fast forward 29 days and here I am nearing the end of the month and I can say that two days away and I'm set to complete my first ever dry Jan. Let's celebrate with a healthy green juice!

I can safely say I have actually enjoyed the challenge. It was difficult to start as like anything when you say you're going to deprive yourself of something you constantly find yourself thinking about it ( well I do anyway). For the first week, I felt almost hungover every day I'm assuming this feeling was all the toxins leaving my body, which felt slightly worrying. 

Aside from that I have enjoyed going to friends birthdays and not drinking and waking up full of the joys of spring. Going to dinner parties and remembering what I have eaten, slight exaggeration here, but not far off. It just gives you a whole new perspective on socialising. It might sound like a cliché, but what it did teach me is that life can be fun without alcohol. I'm thinking the bin men have been much happier too not having to lift my overflowing glass recycling box for the month of January. But I'm not giving it up for good, just reducing my weekly intake.    

The three main things being alcohol-free for the month has taught me:

1) It's not as hard as you think to break a habit

2) My weekly supermarket shopping bill has been reduced quite dramatically.

3) Wow, I didn't know what sleep was until this year.

My plan going forward is to keep up with the good habits I have learned over the last 31 days and actually continue with a reduced weekly intake of wine, we will see how long that lasts.   


I was worried when giving up alcohol that I would be replacing wine with fizzy or sugary drinks and didn't want to go down that route so what I found was that making non-alcoholic interesting drinks with sparkling water i would add ginger, mint, and lemon or adding rosemary and cucumber. I found playing around with ingredients like these did the job perfectly. I would only drink these when I would usually have an alcoholic drink so it felt special, which I found really worked for me 




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