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5 Stress Free Platter Ideas for Social Gatherings

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Posted on May 02 2019

Get Hygge together this spring and socialise with friends and family in a simple and relaxed atmosphere. Whether the sun shines and we get to enjoy the great outdoors or if the weather is a little cool and we are indoors. Whatever the weather what better way to relax with friends than with a stress-free lunch or supper, where you can spend more time chatting and less time cooking and cleaning. 

For that stress-free gathering, we love the idea of creating sharing platters to enjoy together and love nothing more than creating beautiful sharing boards to pop in the centre of the table for everyone to tear and share.  
Our 5 Stress-free Platter Ideas
We love to create a variety of boards inspired from around Europe. Here are our 5 bank holiday simple sharing platter board ideas. The great thing is they don't require any cooking or very little cooking. 
French - Charcuterie. Select 3 of each French cheese and meats served with some lovely crunch artisan bread. Pate or rillettes and some pickled vegetables such as crunchy cornichons. 
Italian - Antipasti. Select some vegetables such as artichokes, sundried tomatoes, and olives. Some beautiful Mozzarella or Burrata. 3 cold types of meat such as prosciutto, salami, and bresaola. All served with some warm ciabatta bread.   
Spanish - Tapas. Blister some Padron peppers, slice some chorizo. olive tapenade, pan cote tomato ( This requires a little cooking) Olive skewers and some slices of manchego cheese. 
Nordic - Smorgasbord. Fresh smoked salmon with chopped dill. Pickled vegetables, a roasted beetroot salad. Serve with warm rye bread and sourdough crispbreads. 
British -  Desert Board. Create a board with a selection of cupcakes, slices of cakes, biscuits, and fresh fruit or your choice. 
Just simply assemble and serve your platter board to your guests. Sit back and relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family.  
With sharing platters it's all in the presentation so give your platter the perfect backdrop and place on a gorgeous board. 
Here are some of our favourite platter boards. 
Pink Marble Serving Board with leather handles. 
Rectangle- Tapas- Boards



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