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Green Juice Janaury

Written by miranda Davenport


Posted on January 30 2019

 Whatever the month, week, or day I love a juice especially a homemade green juice. A green juice is always poignant in January, and almost becomes the most famous of juices as everyone starts to talk, healthy eating, nutrition, detox, diet and overall trying to start leading a more healthier lifestyle as we enter a new year.  Whether it's a detox juice you are after or just simply a nutritious energising drink, then a juice made from a rich colourful combination of fruit and vegetables is a great source of vitamin. In addition it can be a great way to introduce healthier ways into your diet. I love a juice for breakfast it's a perfect morning boost and gets you in the right frame of healthy eating mind for the day.   

If you are not a keen lover of eating fresh fruit and vegetables then juices maybe the perfect way to add them into your diet, you may even realise that you start to enjoy them. Juices are also great if you are following a plant based diet such as veganism as juices are pure plant energy.  Or if you are just after an energy juice for that boost before your morning gym workout. Juices are great sources of energy because the nutrients are so easily absorbed by the body. 

Here is my favourite delicious green juice recipe:  

Ingredients - Serves 2 

Roughly 115g of spinach 

 1/2 Cucumber 

2 kiwi Fruits 

1/2 Lemon 

Grated Ginger 

Green Juice in Hammered Glasses

We love to serve our juices in our hammered glass bistro carafe and  hammered glasses  

Juice all the ingredients in the above order, adjust the taste accordingly. Keeps in a sealed container in the fridge, ideally use the same day. 







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